Documentation on using, managing and developing RABIT

What is RABIT?

RABIT, which stands for Research And Business Integrated Tools, is a chain tool for government, universities, research centers and researchers to gather data in various scientific forms and to provide a spectacular data pipeline. Outstanding to velocity, volume and variety of generated data in healthcare and health surveys make us to develop a system to manage all processes related to data flow including collecting, analyzing and visualizing it.

RABIT has three main platforms includes, DIGIT, SUMIT, and VIZIT.


DIGIT helps to design and implement different surveys, registries, RCTs, and observational studies. DIGIT creates electronic questionnaires with measures which ensures data quality. It combines multiple questionnaire and converts them to a survey project. DIGIT also provides a network of interviewers to collect data in the field.


SUMIT is a data pipeline that provides analytical application programing interfaces with different functionality in statistical analysis, data engineering methods, data integration functions. It also includes a set of predefined statistical analyses.


VIZIT is generating dynamic reports and helps for providing studies dashboards.

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Standard operating protocols

Standard operating protocols has been defined in two way General and Specific projects as follows:


Specific projects